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We build relationships, on which we build trust and reliability, therefore attracting great Nannies and babysitters who come highly recommended.

Little Scallys promises to provide you with a personal and professional service. You will be dealing with Jackie and her team on a One to One basis. We have personal connections with parents and families around the London area, having direct connection with Buggyfit, where post natal mums return to work after their Maternity Leave.

Our aim to you the parents is:
  • To provide you with a qualified, bright, intuitive, kind, loving, fair………person to suit your families needs!
  • To check references, qualifications and research the individual candidate personally.
  • To only take on professional, enthusiastic, qualified and experienced people.
  • To ensure the position you offer is considered by the right person and suits your family.
  • To follow the progress of your new employee and give any advice you may require.
Our aim to you the Nanny or Babysitter is:
  • To offer a wide range of interesting jobs.
  • To open new doors and opportunities to enhance your experiences in life and further your career.
  • To ensure the position you consider works for both you and the family.
  • To follow your progress with the family you are placed with.

Please contact us on: 07752630440 or email jackie@littlescallys.com


I have been very impressed with the service you have given me and you have provided a lovely nanny to care for my twin sons. I feel that you genuinely took the time to think about our nanny-family match. Thank you for the personal, efficient service. Our nanny has been fantastic with my children and we are very happy.

Anne Gerard