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Dedicated Grandparents!

February 2nd, 2016 | Posted by Jackie Nield in All

As a Grandparent myself now, I am so aware of the true dedication so many of you showIMG_9370

IMG_9197 to help your family achieve their goals. Whether it be from a child care point of view or to support your own through the journey of purchasing their first home! More and more grandparents offer their care and support and it is truly commendable how great a community we share and sense of well being in today’s society, almost like the extended families of old!
You see groups of grandparents at toddler groups, soft plays, music groups and more and I really think our grandchildren are giving us all so much joy and keeping the older generation younger and fitter for longer!
So next time you see a fellow grandparent at a local group don’t be afraid to introduce yourselves and be proud to be the slightly older generation, as we rough and tumble in the soft plays and slide down the slides in the parks!!
Fun time for both children and their Grandparents!
One word of warning though…be sure they are grandparents before you assume their association to the child or children!

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