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Little Scallys requires excellent, reliable Babysitters. We look for professional, punctual and keen people to provide a caring service as either daytime or evening Babysitters.

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Please send your CV to jackie@littlescallys.com



  • We will make the initial point of contact between the client and you the Babysitter.

  • Once contact has been made between you, I am happy to discuss any concerns you may have. You are free to babysit for the family at your convenience without any further contact with Little Scallys, once you have been employed with the family for this purpose.

  • I would ask you to act professionally at all times and conduct yourself in a well-mannered and respectful way on behalf of Little Scallys Nanny and Babysitting agency.

  • Any arrangements with the family as to how you are expected to behave whilst in their home are completely up to you and the family upon meeting and in future points of contact.

  • All monetary communications are to be dealt with between you and the family. However I am happy to negotiate the going rate and to advise the family your level of monetary requirement depending on your qualifications and experience. NB: I will always advise the families with regards to unsociable hours ie before 6.30pm and after midnight and vary the hourly rate accordingly. Also Bank Holidays and Sunday rates.

  • I would ask you to keep me informed as to the progress of a contact with a family and inform me to remove you from my register upon accepting a Nanny position through other means.

  • Please supply me with relevant references, a copy of your qualifications and details of your CRB/DBS and Ofsted registration where possible.

  • I will request two or more verbal references which must be checked prior to you starting employment with a family at all times, so please make these referees aware that I will be contacting them on your behalf.

Please read the above and tick in agreement to my terms and conditions.


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