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Recommended Nanny Payroll Support Specialists

Nanny Pay specialises in payroll for Nannies. Visit http://www.enchantedchildcare.com/payroll-advice  or  Call 01883 330890 and please quote LittleScallys as your point of reference.

Or alternatively please contact;

Nannytax who specialise in payroll for nannies. Please contact them for further information and please quote LittleScallys as your point of reference.

Nanny Tax Limited: www.nannytax.co.uk
Nannytax is the UK’s original and leading payroll support service for employers of nannies. They provide unlimited support and advice on all pay and employment related issues and can also advise you on the new nanny approval scheme. They are the only domestic payroll service to offer free employment law support as a standard part of their service.

The agent will take care of all your payroll administration duties to HM Revenue and customs on your behalf, their service will include:

  • Register you as an Employer with HM Revenue & Customs
  • Set up and calculate your payroll accurately
  • Provide you with payslips to give to your nanny.
  • Advise you quarterly how much to pay HM Revenue & Customs.
  • Calculate SSP and SMPO as necessary
  • Deduct student loans as advised by HM Revenue and Customs
  • Provide a P45 If you Nanny leaves
  • Complete your Tax year end return on line
  • Provide a P60 for your Nanny each tax year end
  • Provide unlimited advice as needed
  • Provide access to a legal help line

In the eyes of HMRC, Nannytax  will act as your Payroll Agent. If you would like to use  their services, you will need to register on line which is quick and easy.

Once the forms have been completed and returned, your PAYE scheme will be set up, all correspondence and paperwork will be sent directly from HMRC (the revenue) to the payroll agent to be dealt with on your behalf.

The more complete and prompt the information that you provide, the more complete the service that can be offered. On receipt of your completed Payroll Information forms the agent will contact HMRC on your behalf to set up your PAYE tax scheme. This scheme will have a unique reference number, which they will use in correspondence with the Revenue and when advising you of your tax/NI payments (normally due quarterly).

The agent will only involve you when payments are due or when they require any additional information about your nanny for the purpose of completion and submitting forms – such as a P45 or your Employer’s Annual Return (P35) – to the Revenue on your behalf.

If you receive any forms or correspondence direct from HMRC at any time, then please send these straight to the agent. This is part of their service and is covered by your subscription. It also avoids any confusion which can arise when three separate parties are involved: you, the employer; your agent; and HMRC.

HMRC has two different types of PAYE schemes for domestic employers: a simplified scheme and a normal PAYE (or full) scheme. Irrespective of the scheme, your tax and National Insurance liability will be exactly the same.

The agent operate the normal PAYE Scheme for all clients. This enables them to give you a faster and more complete service. If you already have a simplified PAYE Scheme set up, the agent will contact your tax office to change it to a full PAYE Scheme.

If any of the information requested is not immediately available, then please be sure to obtain it and send it to the agent as soon as possible.

If you or your employee ever require any information from the records that the agent are keeping on your (and your employee’s) behalf, then they are more than happy to provide this. Please note that employees have a legal right to access this information.

* Please note that Nannytax has a unique relationship with HMRC, with one dedicated tax office dealing with all their clients, who are familiar with domestic employment issues.

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