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Wedding & Event Register

Please complete the on line wedding registration form, giving as much information about your time table for the big day. We will advise you of any suitable candidates and give any further help or advice to ensure the smooth running of this service. There is no obligation to use our services, however we do require full agency fee payment 4 weeks prior to the event. Nannies to be paid on the day. All information disclosed will be of the strictest confidence and will not be passed on to any third party, unless advised by yourselves to do so.

Wedding & Event Register

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Personal Details


Personal Requirements

Do include general playtime duties - games, books, puzzles, favourite toys!


Special Requirements

Any Special Requirements/Wedding format and procedures. Please give all details of timings and requirements for the nanny's information, see below:

Mealtimes? Nap/sleep times, any detailed information required:

Will nanny transport your child in her own car? Think about car seats and safety ie pushchair, restraints. Consider parking and accessibility to church/ceremony building and reception.

Consider if you want your child present during the ceremony or somewhere else and if present any favourite toys/food to keep your child interested and quiet/happy!

Consider if you will want your child present for the photographs and if so make sure the Nanny is aware what time this will be so she has not gone for a walk at an inappropriate time!

Will Nanny be required to be present during the wedding breakfast or go for a walk or other location during the speeches etc? Will there be food offered for the Nanny if she is to stay present during the meal?

Will you require any time with your child if there is a lull in the day? If so make sure the Nanny is aware of this so she is available at your request.

Bedtime routine, necessary requirements ie pyjamas, nappies, bedtime milk, comfort toys/blankets etc all at hand for the nanny to reduce any concerns for you during the day!

Where your child is to sleep and who will be arriving to relieve the Nanny at the end of the day.

Agree when the Nanny is to be paid, at the beginning or the end of the day and who will be handling the money!


  • I will make the initial point of contact between you the parent and the Nanny/Nannies.

  • I will offer help and advice with regards to any concerns you may have ie Advice re Tax and NI contributions and will recommend a suitable company for thorough up to date Government guidelines and policies with regards to employing a Nanny. (If applicable only)

  • I instruct the potential Candidate/s to act professionally at all times and conduct herself/themselves in a well-mannered and respectful way. However I cannot be responsible for any misplaced conduct once you have agreed to employ the person/s whom you have interviewed.

  • Any arrangements with the candidate/s as to how you expect her/them to behave whilst in your home/wedding venue, are to be discussed upon interviewing and carried out as per your contract of employment.

  • The rate of pay for the event will be arranged between Littlescallys Agency and the employer for the event personally. Nannies rate will be advised by Jackie at Littlescallys prior to the event. Payment to Littlescallys Agency, will be as per an invoice from Littlescallys sent four weeks prior to the event. Payment to the Nanny/Nannies is payable on the day of the event, directly to the candidates employed.

  • All Nannies supplied by Little Scallys Nanny and Babysitting Agency will have been interviewed, references checked, qualifications clarified and Ofsted registered where required to be so. They will also have completed a contract for my records agreeing to my terms and conditions.

  • When a temporary position becomes permanent, you will be charged full placement fee.



Please read the above and tick in agreement to my terms and conditions.